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Atoti Community Edition is a free tool for the finance industry - and those who regularly work with data - A fully-fledged BI platform in Python to easily analyze and share their findings with visualizations and real-world impacts. Available on all Python notebooks, with enhanced features in Jupyter.

What you can do with Atoti Community Edition

Run multi-dimensional analysis with OLAP cubes in Python.

Create and compare 'What-If' scenarios.

Analyze millions of rows on your laptop or several terabytes in the cloud.

Explore data through Excel or the atoti dashboard app.

Share your results with a click.

Explore data through Excel or the atoti dashboard app.

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Atoti works with

Atoti leverages several technologies such as Python, Java, Javascript and uses Conda for distribution. It works with all major notebooks, with enhanced features for Jupyter and SageMaker. Run it on your laptop, server or in any cloud environment.

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ActiveViam & sageMaker
ActiveViam & jupyter
ActiveViam & javascript
ActiveViam & java
ActiveViam & Python

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