Build and deploy
the best analytics applications
50x faster

Try atoti: community edition for free

Build and deploy
the best analytics applications
50x faster

Try atoti: community edition for free

Atoti+ is a unified platform for enterprise data analysis. Within a single environment, it provides everything for data science, modelling, visualization and business dashboards, from early design and research up to apps in production. 

Based on our proprietary ActivePivot technology, leveraging Python and Java with a strong focus on collaboration, Atoti+ brings together the builders and consumers of analytics applications to accelerate and streamline the design and development process.

Multi-Dimensional Analysis

Multi-Dimensional Analysis is the cornerstone of Atoti+ analytics applications. From the start, the technology has been built with the goal of optimizing the analysis of “many dimensions” of data. With other solutions you are drastically limited in how you can organize and access data. Atoti+ offers a complete freedom of analysis and the ability, to organize information in any way you want, create new filters at will, and drill-down and drill-through your data across any dimension. Every change happens instantly : this is the first true interactive analytics experience you have ever known.

Multi-Dimensional Analyis is the key that unlocks powerful analytics capabilities, many of them exclusive to Atoti+. It enables users to explore large datasets freely, aggregating and re-aggregating the data instantly to fit their current view. It allows you to configure and simulate complex, end-to-end ‘What-If’ scenarios on-the-fly and calculate the impact on KPIs instantly. It updates continuously from source systems to ensure you work always with the best data available.

Deployment Options

Atoti+ can be deployed on-premise, in private clouds or on any public cloud platform (including Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and more). The platform runs on virtually any hardware configuration. It can scale up and scale out at will to adapt dynamically to the most intensive data challenges.

Atoti+ takes full advantage of cloud environments, public or private. It minimizes your hardware cost with lightning-fast loading cycles and elastic deployments. Atoti+ can start additional analytics cubes with new datasets on-the-fly and shut them down automatically when users are finished with them. You consume only what you need and you are never limited in the scope and depth of your analysis.

We also offer SaaS deployments. Work with us to find the architecture and setup that works best for your organization.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Our clients rely on Atoti+ to perform analytics on some of their most sensitive data. The platform therefore is designed to keep your data completely secure. Atoti+ gives you complete control to easily enable encryption, features extensive tools to manage authentication and lets you easily define roles and access levels within your organization.

Security in Atoti+ is built with the same commitment to flexibility, precision and ease-of-use as every other aspect of the platform.

With Atoti+:

  • Data professionals collaborate in agile workflows to create dashboards and apps
  • Business analysts and data scientists can easily access real-world data to develop and test models without disturbing the production environment
  • Quants and IT can deploy new calculations, models and dashboards very easily – design, test and production all use the same tools and APIs

  • Business users have access to the best analysis tools based on the ActiveViam in-memory aggregation engine: multi-dimensional analysis, lightning-fast aggregation ‘What-If’ simulations, many-to-many scenarios.
  • IT managers can deploy Atoti+ and apps based on Atoti+ anywhere : on-premise, in public and private clouds and on individual laptops.

atoti Community Edition

atoti Community Edition is a free product for data scientists and business analysts. atoti CE integrates with Python notebooks to offer dynamic data visualization and create a unique, intuitive analysis environment for single users. It supports large volumes of data and enables advanced analytics capabilities such as multi-dimensional analysis, ‘What-If’ simulations and the creation of interactive dashboards.

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Atoti+ has the same capabilities as atoti, plus the ability to easily deploy in production the projects you create with it, on premise and in the Cloud, with an unlimited number of users. It completely transforms the way professional apps are designed and developed. It also features a full Java and Javascript APIs, in addition to Python, dedicated customer support and granular role management.

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Try atoti free community edition
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atotiAtoti +
Data visualization in notebooksYesYes
Support for large datasets (100GB+)YesYes
APIsPythonPython, Java, Javascript
‘What-If’ simulationsYesYes
Multi-dimensional analysisYesYes
Simultaneous users2 users maxUnlimited
SecurityBasicGranular, multiple-level role management
SupportCommunity supportEnterprise-grade support with contractual SLA