ActiveViam |
August 1, 2023
Discovering Hidden Liquidity
Alejandro Lema |
July 26, 2023

Beyond imagination: defying conventional limits of calculation by leveraging Taylor Value at Risk

Essential insights: Uncover the power of Taylor VaR methodology and the benefits of its implementation....
man on desk in front of his screen with dataviz
Michael Adams |
June 14, 2023

Building Atoti UI 5: Data visualization for financial services analytics

There are many different data visualization platforms on the market. Most are made for very...
ActiveViam Banking crisis
Kathy Perrotte |
May 19, 2023

Risk Management Crisis: Have Banks Lost the Ability to Imagine Worst-Case Scenarios?

Since 2008, stress tests have become a critical element of risk management for banks and...
Fast and furious blog thumbnail
Armen Tchilian |
April 25, 2023

Fast and furious: How High-Frequency Trading Fund finds & tests new trading strategies

Our client, a High-Frequency Trading Fund, boasts one of the world’s fastest in-house trading systems,...
Woman looking at a computer
ActiveViam |
December 12, 2022

Is your data analytics platform killing you softly?

The old saying “what you don’t know can hurt you” is true in most situations...
ActiveViam |
December 6, 2022

Flexible Data Analytics is the Details

Hedge fund investors want to see a track record of fund returns and solid history...

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