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Corporate & investment banking

We empower trading desks and risk management professionals with train-of-thought analysis across huge volumes of real-time and historic data, beyond silos and across the entire enterprise. P&L explain (Sensitivity analysis, VAR, etc.), Market Risk, Capital Charges, Stress testing. As a result, you will gain the insights that fuel confident and timely decision making.

Hedge funds

Incorporate more raw data into your analysis, derive more complex insights, and generate results at sub-second speed by using our powerful data aggregation and analysis engine, combined with an interactive and flexible UI. Atoti allows you to build and deploy trading strategies, develop interactive risk dashboards, instantly update risk metrics, and resolve breaches quickly and easily.

Asset managers

To succeed in the financial markets, you need to be agile, innovative and forward-thinking. Analytics are key to making informed investment decisions, managing risk, and improving your portfolio performance. You don’t have time to sift through complex chains of data feeds and stale numbers from legacy systems. With Atoti, you can swiftly examine intraday PnL and compare it to previous versions and drill down across large data sets to check anomalies and view risk contributors.

Exchange and clearing

You rely heavily on data analytics to ensure the integrity and stability of financial markets. The innovative Atoti platform allows interactive aggregation and analysis of large volumes of data in real time, enabling you to assess the risk associated with different trading activities. You can catalog financial instruments by rating, maturity, risk sectors and other attributes. Quickly and easily switch out one group of instruments for another and examine the overall impact on inventory quality.

Energy and commodities trading

Trading in these highly volatile and unpredictable markets requires agility. Our advanced data aggregation and analysis platform allows you to leverage advanced analytics and real-time data, and helps you to improve your trading performance, reduce risks, and enhance overall profitability. It also supports compliance with position limits and reporting requirements.

Private banking

To ensure your bank operates in a safe and sound manner, you need a comprehensive risk management framework that addresses a range of risks associated with the bank's operations and clients' investments, while ensuring you are in compliance with regulations, such as IFRS 9. Atoti enables you to slice, dice, filter and segment loans to identify patterns, such as probability of default, and investigate the cause of a change in the potential default rating. The results are a quick, accurate loan classification and help in optimizing your capital ratio.

Fintech solutions providers

You operate in a highly competitive and regulated industry, where accurate and timely data is critical for informed decision making. We provide you with advanced data aggregation and analytics capabilities that enable you to collect and analyze large volumes of data from multiple sources, providing insights that can drive business growth and competitive advantage for your customers.

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