Solving the challenges of FRTB – White Paper

Xavier Bellouard |
May 27, 2016

We are kicking off today a new series on our blog about the changes brought by the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book and offer concrete solutions, rooted in technology, to the challenges it poses.

We’ve consulted with our customers over many meetings to understand precisely how the new regulations would impact them, what plans they had to abide by the new regulations and what were the most salient pain points they had identified.

We then held workshops internally to try to deconstruct those pain points and find concrete answers for each of them. We finally organized a round-table event together with PwC in April 2015 where we gathered 45 banking executives and engaged them in a discussion to confront their points of view on the most challenging aspects of the new regulations and what steps some of them had already taken to address those issues.

The first result from those efforts is the White Paper available for download below, titled The Fundamental Review of the Trading Book – Tackling a new approach for market risk. It summarizes the insights we have gathered.

Upcoming posts will go into more details about the discussions that went on at the round-table event as well as specific technology solution we are presenting to make the implementation of the new rules as painless as possible.

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